Hi, I’m Judith, a Licensed Social Worker passionate about helping people learn to process their emotions skillfully to develop a positive, supportive, and meaningful relationship with themselves. I teach you how to connect to your true inner worthiness and live life uninhibitedly.


I was criticized for “being critical” since I was young. Through therapy, I came to understand the source of this behavior; namely, that I was using it as a defense mechanism and form of protection. With that awareness and some conscious internal work, I began to slowly let go of this external protection that no longer served me.

During this journey, I came across Kristine Neff’s book on self-compassion. It opened my eyes to how often I fall into negative self-talk, placing unrealistic expectations and beating myself up for not following through. Can you relate?


I no longer wanted to listen to my inner critic, which had been limiting me all my life. So, I began mindfully and consistently practicing positive self-talk, self-kindness, and self-care. I learned how to stop being my worst critic and start being my greatest source of support and love when dealing with emotions, challenges, and obstacles.

I began using self-compassion techniques with clients and saw the significance of this work. The more I focused on positive self-talk in my personal life and my role as a therapist, the more I realized that no one has succeeded in escaping the harsh trap of self-criticism and negative self-talk. Plus, the lack of self-compassion in the plain psychotherapeutic approach leaves most of us feeling stuck, unmotivated, and depressed with no real way to overcome it. This realization began to stir a desire inside of me to create the self-compassion course.


I decided to pass along the transformational power of self-compassion and gave Kristine Neff’s book to a few of my close friends. One of those friends was Sarah. Sarah runs a non-profit organization for people who suffer from chronic medical conditions. As she began to see the benefits of self-compassion, the idea of teaching the content and skills at her organization arose. Not long after, I delivered my first self-compassion course, providing people with the tools to process and embrace their emotional state resulting from their physical condition. From this foundation, I continued to develop the course and subsequent resources to help more people learn and implement these life-changing practices.

Are you ready to learn how to recognize and acknowledge your critical inner voice so that you can develop self-compassion, embrace self-worthiness, and achieve self-actualization to expand into the version of yourself you desire to be? You’re in the right place.


“I started my self-improvement journey with Judith in March, and it has improved my life so much. She shows you how to understand true self-compassion and worth within yourself and how to apply it to your relationships and in your everyday life. I didn’t really understand how badly I was treating myself and others in my life until I began this journey with her. I really enjoy learning with Judith every week and the welcoming group she created. Judith creates a very open and welcoming environment allowing you to share your true self with those you have never met before. The way she cultivated a group of girls (with no prior knowledge of each other) that share a common ground in self-worthiness is truly amazing. She herself teaches through self-compassion and provides you with all the tools you need to improve yourself in just a few weeks. She is kind, honest, compassionate and really takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. I would highly recommend Judith to anyone as she has only continued to change my life for the better.”

Lauren B.

“Judith’s self-compassion course has allowed me to experience the simplicity and beauty of connecting to myself in a deep way. I have learned what true emotional processing is all about and how it can be a transformational experience. The process is so simple yet so powerful. Judith’s personal and direct teaching style allows group members to feel confident in their ability to integrate what they have learned each week. She creates a safe space for members to share personal examples and learn from one another. As cliché as it sounds, self-compassion is now something I cannot live without. I am so grateful to have been a member of Judith’s workshop.”

Sara K.

“The self-compassion workshop was a very enlightening experience as it made me realize how far we are from truly loving ourselves as human beings. Judith is a remarkable, talented teacher who really knows how to guide us to navigate towards our deepest selves and reconnect to our hearts and souls within us. I believe everyone can truly benefit from her healing lessons.”

Michael G.